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About Us

We Team of Experience It Specialities

Sona Enterprises is one of the top system integrator partners offering an entire range of products and services to meet the majority IT infrastructure needs of our Customers.We established in 2020 and registered the firm in 2022 under GST and MSME. Networking, Electricity and IT solutions is principally involved in providing integrated IT communication solutions to various industries including Energy, Oil and Gas, Utilities Telecommunications, Government, Banking and Finance, Industrial and Health Care.

Our Mission Our Vision Our Values

Our mission is to develop our service to meet and exceed customer expectations. We contribute to the success of the customer Business through the provision of timely, high quality and professional IT support. Our service underpins the Customer's strategic plan.

We have only one vision to become single point of contact for each and every IT related advice and support and be recognized as an excellent service provider for our clients in our country.

Our core values form part of our team culture and have been incorporated into our day-to-day approach to service delivery.  We pride ourselves on offering a high quality, friendly, knowledgeable and professional service.

We are a certified IT Service company.
Our Core Values

We are very proud of our Best Performence


Sona Enterprises builds a positive team and family spirit, supporting each other both professionally and personally. We as individuals work as a team unified in our purpose and mission.


We hustle with an underdog mentality! Perseverance is our strength, because success is not ever failing, but never quitting. A competitive marketplace makes us better, sharper, and more innovative.


We never stop learning, and are never satisfied with good enough. We foster a culture of innovation heavily dependent on collaboration, positive conflict and allowing failure to precede invention.


Sona Enterprises builds a positive team and family spirit, supporting each other both professionally and personally. We as individuals work as a team unified in our purpose and mission.


Accountability is paramount to us, as we never walk by a mistake, and ALWAYS do what we say we do. We add real value, and show the client what they are getting with substance over flash.


We serve our clients, fellow team members, and the community as a whole, with humility and gratitude as the greatest and highest good. we believe in serving people not making money, We always follows customer centric mentality.
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How can We Help

Our Awesome services to give you success.

We find that one of the major challenges of working with most modern day managed IT services providers is that while they say they’re going to help your people communicate better, collaborate more efficiently and “optimize their workflows,” they don’t ever tell you WHAT any of that means in a literal sense. At Sona Enterprises, every claim we make is backed up by a solution that clearly outlines how we’re going to get you there. 

We Provide Better, Faster Service

You won't have to wait hours for us to response to a Help Desk ticket and you'll never have a hard time getting someone on the phone. When you have an issue, we get to work immediately - it really is that simple.
We Treat the Disease, Not the Symptom

Rather than living by the "Break/Fix" IT model, the team at Sona Enterprises prefers to prevent problems from happening to begin with - rather than wait to address them until AFTER the damage is done.
You Are Steering the Ship

We always make it a priority to hold meetings on a regular basis. This helps us do more than keep you in-the-loop - it lets us lay out where you are from an IT perspective, where you're going, and how we're going to get you there.
We Support a Custom Approach to IT

Sona Enterprises always makes sure that all of our clients are using (and paying) for only the tools that they need - nothing more, nothing less. We're vendor neutral, which means we're not trying to sell you services. We're trying to bring you value.
We Help You Get More out of Your IT Budget

As soon as you become a Sona Enterprises client, we look into what you're paying in terms of IT and help you negotiate rates and drop solutions you aren't actually using. In many cases, we can save up to 20% from most budgets.
Let IT Be the Solution, Not the Problem

We create reliable, affordable and innovative IT solutions that fit your business needs and priorities. With an experienced staff ready to solve your greatest IT challenges,
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